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Demographic Forecasting

Long-term demographic trends affect the incomes, household composition, and buying behavior of your customers. Defining the economic and social drivers of those trends helps your company prepare for future opportunities or risks. We customize our national demographic forecasts by drilling down to regional markets that match your unique business geography. Our forecasts are driven by clearly outlined long-term economic scenarios. 




Using proprietary techniques, we develop estimates and projections for incomes of households defined by age or generation, life stage (families, couples, singles), gender, race and ethnic characteristics. Most of our historical trends have been tracked consistently for several decades, and our forecasts extend as far as 2050. 

Our unique approach allows us to provide income estimates extending to inflation-adjusted brackets as high as $500,000 and above. This provides a valuable tool to size the affluent market, especially when integrated with our profiles of household wealth. 





One of the more unique aspects of our demographic research is the aggregation of our detailed household and population forecasts into generations (for example, Leading Boomers, Trailing Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y/Millennials, Gen Z). In profiling these generations as they age, we offer insights into their future product needs and preferences. We can also customize generation definitions to be consistent with your company's preferences.

We offer detailed cross-generation comparisons to help you better understand the differences with prior generations as each group matures. We also provide estimates and forecasts of generational buying power by race/ethnicity, life stage, and gender. 

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