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Custom Solutions

Below are examples of the research applications our clients have asked us to develop, many of which involve regular updates, on-site discussions, and review teleconferences. 


A quarterly medium-term sales forecasting system based on a major retailer's unique regional geography and across over 100 business divisions. This system was updated quarterly to provide insights into under- or over-performance based on how well overall spending in that region had evolved. In short, it provided an external viewpoint on sales potential to be used in conjunction with the client's own internally generated sales forecasts. 

A 10-year light vehicle sales segment forecasting model drawing on our detailed consumer demographics forecasts and their unique sales segmentation. This modeling system was updated annually to provide insights into how a demographically-based segment forecast would compare with segment forecasts internally generated. 

A five-year industry sales forecast for restaurant traffic and revenue using key consumer economic indicators as drivers. We updated these sales forecasts quarterly, and summarized them in a highly visual report that was distributed to senior management. 

An early-warning forecasting system to alert sales management to how sudden changes in the economic environment are likely to affect product shipments over the next eight quarters. These forecasts and reports covered several international markets, and summarized major developments in the economic indicators shaping the business. 

A quarterly customized economic and demographic tracking report for individual sales regions that summarized and forecasted the trends most relevant to our client's business in each region.

A quarterly sales forecasting model using economic scenarios to drive projections for our client's principal business lines, delivered in a highly visual management briefing. 

A series of long-term demographic and economic planning scenarios integrating different assumptions about political and regulatory risk, along with implications for our client’s major product lines.

A set of long-term state-by-state demographic forecasts for households by age and life stage, as well as income and diversity, designed to highlight areas of under-served sales opportunities and future potential.

An early-warning forecasting model of restaurant traffic driven by high-frequency economic indicators to point out near-term (out two calendar quarters) business risk.

An opportunity forecasting model for sales of building materials by several international markets, segmented by end-use industries (industrial, educational, commercial, etc.)

A customized set of regional sales forecasting models, with quarterly forecasts updates, for 16 apparel lines managed by a national specialty apparel company.
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